Welcome to the home of the most distinctive and stylish gentlemen grooming products, Welcome to Lahoy.

Founded by a British royal naval submariner, Lahoy brandish’s the values of British sophistication; our luxury hand-crafted grooming-products are designed with the contemporary gentleman in mind.

Lahoy isn’t just an emporium of male grooming products - it’s a brand for true connoisseurs of style.

We provide a collection of grooming agents to re-vitalise your facial mane and a wealth of knowledge that will direct you in the finest grooming methods to maintain a wonderful aesthetic.

Our collection of hand-crafted products have been expertly sourced to represent the ideals of the Lahoy Brand; encapsulating the delicate balance of traditional virtues and innovative design.

Every product has been independently chosen to ensure our high-standards; from cut-throat razors, razor strops, shaving brushes and facial-hair combs to our scented oil range.

We use only the highest quality materials in our products. From the silvertip badger hair used in our shaving brushes that ensures a silky lather to the premium-quality leather in our razor strops that exude a robust panache.