Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. A range of top security measures and access controls have been put in place on our website to make sure making purchases is secure. This means your personal information and payment details are kept completely safe when shopping for our high quality male grooming products.
It's an urban myth that shaving more often will help to make your beard grow faster, we're afraid. Experts have found that it's simply untrue that shaving speeds up beard growth, while it also has no impact on the colour of your whiskers or how coarse they are. Unfortunately, if you're impatient for your beard to grow quicker, you'll just have to wait. Good things come to those who wait though, right?
Beard trimming is really important if you want to make sure your facial hair looks great. The vital thing to remember is keeping the edges of your beard in condition. This means: make sure your new beard does not stray too far down your neck - that is just not a good look at all. Also remember that you'll need to trim your moustache too. As soon as your 'tache is growing over your top lip you should start thinking about giving it a trim to keep it in check.
Our priority here at Lahoy is tremendous customer service, so we offer free worldwide recorded delivery on all orders. If you place your order before 1pm you will also receive your handmade grooming products the next day, as long as you live on the UK mainland. We know that our most vital asset is our customers, so we offer free delivery to look after you.
If you can - yes, definitely! Beards have become much more popular in the last few years and how you style your facial hair is one of the very best ways for you to show off your individuality. Research has even found that both men and women study participants consistently rate bearded faces as more attractive than faces that are clean-shaven. Beards go through trends just like all fashions, but there's no doubt that they're currently 'in'.
Here at Lahoy, we sell all the high quality grooming products you need to keep your beard looking fabulously lush. We also sell shaving brushes, moustache and beard combs and beard oil - everything you could possibly need for your male grooming regime. There really is no need to go elsewhere. Best of all - all our products are handmade, so you can be assured they are top quality.
Every man is suited to a different type of beard, so the best thing to do if you're new to facial hair is to see what works for you. Grow your beard out and then you have the flexibility to choose how you style it and how short or long you want to keep it. See how different lengths complement your face and make sure you use high quality male grooming products to keep your beard in the best possible condition. Generally speaking, men who have a long, narrow face should aim to grow a full beard, as this will usually look really great, while males with young-looking faces will benefit from a longer beard. Finally, a man with a fuller face can give himself more definition by growing a short beard, complete with natural lines. Your haircut will also have an impact on what beard suits you the best. Try to complement your beard and your hairstyle for the best results.
Lahoy's high quality male grooming products are suitable for any man who wants to look after his appearance and keep his facial hair in the best possible condition. The modern man understands that a first impression is key and in order to make the right one the perfect shaving and beard care regime should be developed. All of our high quality male grooming products are handmade and as such, they are of the highest possible standard, all with that distinctive Lahoy feel. Sophisticated, well-mannered gentlemen will find all the shaving and facial care products they need right here at Lahoy.
Lahoy products are top of the range and they're handmade, so you know they're of a wonderful standard. Whether you're looking for cut throat razors, beard oil, shaving brushes or a new razor strop, Lahoy is definitely the right place to make a purchase.
You should look after your beard just as well as you do your hair, which is why products such as beard combs and beard oil should make up an important part of your shaving regime. An unkempt beard can make you look scruffy and unattractive and that is not what you want from growing facial hair. Your aim should be to keep your beard looking as clean and shiny as possible, so invest in the right male grooming products to make that happen.
Yes, we do sell gift cards here at Lahoy and they make a wonderful present for a loved one. Anyone interested in male grooming will love the shaving products we have for sale here at Lahoy and a gift card allows them to decide for themselves what to buy.